Nirvana XP is a Point of Sale like none other. It combines all of the features to run a business in one simple application! Not only can administrators use it to control the business in real time, but also the employees use it to keep track of customers and track their interactions with them. Nirvana XP gives all of it's users, customers included, to become integrated with the business making the whole experience fun and efficient! 

    Customers have access to their favorite business, which uses Nirvana XP, anywhere at any time with the plethora of webpage plugins and the customer side Nirvana XP application. Employees have access to the application as long as they have internet connection, perfect for delivery drivers! Finally, Administrators and Business Owners can keep an eye on the comings and goings of the business with the built in management tools such as revenue tracking and customer management. Nirvana XP, in short, is the solution for any business in today's modern, technological age!